Hear from 100+ visionary speakers across 2 tracks over 2 days.

Track 1

AI, Data and Automation

Deep-dive into the world of AI. Explore how Banks and Credit Unions are utilising emerging tech, maximising data and automating processes. In an AI-powered world, the opportunities are endless.

Topics include:

- Banking in the AI Age: Unleashing Potential

- Next-Gen CX and Personalization - Leveraging New AI-Driven Solutions for a Hyper-Personalized Approach?

- Unifying Vision: Strategies for Cultivating Company-Wide AI Adoption and Team Cohesion

- Data Governance: Ensuring Quality, Integrity, and Security

- Beyond Automation: Exploring the Potential of Generative AI in Banking and Customer Service

- Ethical AI: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

- Decoding Decisions: Harnessing Behavioral Science for Customer-Centric Banking Strategies

- Beyond Pilots: Scaling AI Initiatives for Impactful Transformation in Banking

- Data-Driven Banking: Leveraging Technology for Security, Agility, and Risk Mitigation

- Harnessing Automation to Drive Efficiencies and Streamline Processes

Track 2

Digital Transformation

In an era of increasing competition, outdated legacy systems, and heightened customer expectations, digital transformation is vital. Can you keep up with the pace of change?

Topics include:

- Digital Transformation Journeys: Banking in a New Era

- Fixing Foundations: Enhancing Operational Efficiencies through Core Banking Transformation

- Future Proofing Finance: Innovating Products and Business Models for the Modern Era

- Balancing Speed and Security: Navigating Compliance and Technology Risks in Banking

- New Horizons: Achieving Scalable Digital Transformation and Overcoming Legacy Systems

- Embracing Fintech Disruption: Collaboration, Innovation, and Digital Ecosystems

- Crafting Customer Journeys: CX and Personalization Strategies for Modern Banking

- Navigating the Waves: How Macroeconomics, Geopolitics and ESG are Reshaping Banking

- Digital Engineering: Transforming Banking Operations through Advanced Software Development

- Onboarding 2.0: Redefining Customer Journeys for Seamless Banking Experiences

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